title The Act
music John Kander
libretto Lyrics Fred Ebb; Book George Furth
subtitle Musical Play, Show Music
première 29. Okt. 1977 New York, Majestic Theatre (233 Aufführungen)
publisher's Samuel French, London
  1. Shine it on
  2. It's the strangest thing
  3. Bob's
  4. Turning
  5. Little do they know
  6. Arthur in the afternoon
  7. The money tree
  8. City lights
  9. There when I need him
  10. Hot enough for you?
  11. My own space
  12. Walking papers
recording Stanley Lebowsky
Liza Minnelli, Barry Nelson, Arnold Soboloff, Gayle Crofoot, Roger Minami, Christopher Barrett, Mark Goddard, Danny Buraczeski, Michael Leeds, Albert Stephenson, Carl Estey, Laurie Dawn Skinner
DRG CDRG 6101 (48:01, AAD) (Originalbesetzung Broadway)

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