Reeve, William * 1757 in London + 22. Juni 1815 in London Theaterkomponist und Organist

Leben und Werke

  • The Double Jealousy, burletta (1785 London), 2 songs
  • Don Juan, or The Libertine Destroyed (Carlo Antonio Delphini nach Thomas Shadwell, The Libertine), Ballett-Pantomime (1787 London), 4 songs und Ballettmusik
  • The Evening Brush (John Collins), variety entertainment (1790 London), 14 songs
  • Oscar and Malvina or The Hall of Fingal (James Byrne nach James Macpherson, Ossian), Ballett-Pantomime (1791 London), (mit Shield )
  • The Purse (James Cartwright Cross), musical drama (1794 London)
  • Mirth's Museum or The Country Club, variety entertainment (1794 London), 9 songs
  • Merry Sherwood or Harlequin Forester (John O'Keffe), Pantomime (1795 London)
  • The Charity Boy (James Cartwright Cross), musical farce (1796), Ouvertüre und 2 songs
  • Joan of Arc or The Maid of Orleans (James Cartwright Cross), Ballett-Pantomime (1798 London), Ouvertüre und 2 songs
  • Harlequin's Almanack or The Four Seasons (Thomas John Dibdin), Pantomime (1801 London), Ouvertüre und 4 songs
  • Family Quarrels (Thomas John Dibdin), komische Oper (1802 London), (mit J. Braham & John Moorehead)
  • The Cabinet (Thomas John Dibdin nach der Ballade The Golden Bull), komische Oper (1802 London), (mit J. Braham, John Moorehead u. a.)
  • The Caravan or The Driver and His Doog (Frederick Reynolds), Melodram (1803 London)
  • Out of Place or The Lake of Lausanne (Frederick Reynolds), operatic farce (1805 London), (mit J. Braham)
  • The Ocean Fiend, or The Infant's Peril (Charles Isaac Mungo Dibdin), acqua drama (1807 London), Ouvertüre und 2 songs
  • The Wild Man or The Water Pageant (Charles Isaac Mungo Dibdin nach Miguelde Cervantes, Don Quixote), aqua drama (1809 London), 2 songs
  • Bang up! or Harlequin Prime (Charles Isaac Mungo Dibdin), Pantomime (1810 London), 2 songs
  • The Red Reaver (Charles Isaac Mungo Dibdin), Melodram (1811 London), Ouvertüre und 1 song
  • The Brachman or The Oriental Harlequin (Charles Isaac Mungo Dibdin), Pantomime (1813 London), 1 song
  • The Corsair (Charles Isaac Mungo Dibdin nach George Gordon Byron, The Corsair), aqua drama (1814 London), 4 songs
  • The Mermaid or Harlequin Pearl Diver (Charles Isaac Mungo Dibdin), Pantomime (1815 London), 1 song

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