Lampe, Johann Friedrich, John Frederick
* um 1702/03 vermutlich in Braunschweig
+ 25. Juli 1751 in Edinburgh
Komponist, Fagottist und Cembalist

Little Theatre in the Haymarket
Drury Lane Theatre
Covent Garden

  • Diana and Actaeon (Monsieur Roger), Pantomime (1730 London)
  • Amelia (Henry Carey), opera (1732 London)
  • Britannia (T. Lediard), opera (1732 London)
  • Dione (vermutlich Johann Fr. Lampe nach John Gay), opera (1733 London)
  • The Usurers of Harlequin's Last Shift, Pantomime (1733 London)
  • Love Runs All Dangers, Pantomime, (1733 London)
  • The Opera of Operas or Tom Thumb the Great (E. Haywood und vermutlich W. Hatchett nach H. Fieldings The Tragedy of Tragedies), burlesque opera (1733 London) (zusammen mit Arne)
  • Music in The Cornish Squire (J. Ralph nach J. Vanbrugh), play (1733 London)
  • Cupid and Psyche or Columbine Courtezan, Pantomime (1734 London)
  • Music in the Fatal Falsehood (J. Hewitt), play (1734 London)
  • Aurora's Nuptials, Masque (?1734 London)
  • Masque of Pastoral Musick, Lincoln's Inn Fields (1734 London)
  • The Dragon of Wantley (Henry Carey), Burlesque Opera (1737 London)
  • Margery or A Worse Plague than the Dragon (Henry Carey), burlesque opera (1738 London)
  • Roger and Joan or The Country Wedding, comic masque (1739 London)
  • Orpheus and Euridice, with The Metamorphoses of Harlequin (L. Theobald), Pantomime (1740 London)
  • The Sham Conjurer, comic masque (1741 London)
  • Music in The Winter's Tale (W. Shapespeare), play (1741 London)
  • The Queen of Spain or Farinelli at Madrid (J. Ayres), burlesque scene (1744 London)
  • The Kiss Accepted and Returned (J. Ayres), Operette (1744 London)
  • Pyramus and Tisbe (nach Shakespeare und Richard Leveridge), mock opera 1 Akt (25. Jan. 1745 London)
  • Music in The What d'Ye Call It (John Gay), play (1745 London)
  • Music in The Muses' Lokking Glass (L. Ryan nach T. Randolph), play (1748 London)
  • Music in Oroonoko (T. Southerne), Schauspiel (1749 London)
  • Music in Theodosius (N. Lee), Schauspiel (1749 London)
  • Damon and Anathe (T. Cibber), Serenata (1750 Dublin London)
  • Music in King John (Shakespeare), Schauspiel (1750 London)

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