Goetzl, Anselm
* 20. Aug. 1876
† 9. Jan 1923 in Barcelona


  • Zierpuppen (15. Nov. 1905 Deutsches Theater Prag)
  • The Wanderer (Produced by William Elliott, F. Ray Comstock and Morris Gest; Written by Maurice V. Samuels; Incidental music by Anselm Goetzl), play (1. Febr. 1917 New York, Manhattan Opera House)
  • The Royal Vagabond (Libretto by Stephen Ivor-Szinney and William Carey Duncan; Additional numbers by Cohan), Musical (17. Febr. 1919 New York)
  • The Gold Diggers (Produced by David Belasco; Written by Avery Hopwood; Music arranged by Anselm Goetzl), play (30. Sept. 1919 New York, Lyceum Theatre)
  • Aphrodite (Music: Henri Fevrier and Anselm Goetzl; Written by Pierre Frondaie and George C. Hazelton, from the novel by Pierre Louys; Produced by F. Ray Comstock and Morris Gest), play (24. Nov. 1919 New York, Century Theatre)
  • The Rose Girl (Music: Anselm Goetzl, Book and Lyrics: William Carey Duncan; Produced by Anselm Goetzl and Lee Shubert), play with music (2. Nov. 1921 New York, Ambassador Theatre)
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