accentus, ūs, m. [accino, the attuning a thing; hence]

I. Lit.
A. In gen., a blast, signal (late Lat.): aeneatorum accentu, Amm. 16, 12, 36: id. 24, 4, 22; acutissimi tibiarum, Solin. 5 fin.
B. In gramm., the accentuation of a word, accent, tone (post-Aug.): accentus, quos Graeci προσωδίας vocant (so that it is a lit. transl. of the Gr. word, πρός = ad, and ᾠδή = cantus), Quint. 1, 5, 22; 12, 10, 33; Diom. p. 425 Putsch.
II. Fig., intensity, violence: hiemis, Sid. Ep. 4, 6: doloris, Marc. Emp. 36.


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