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  • A coulomb saoul, cerises amères.
  • A coulombs saouls, cerises amères.
  • A coulons saouls, cerises sont amères.
  • A country can be judged by the quality of its proverbs.
  • A countryman may be as warm in kersey as a king in velvet.
  • A coup de bec escu d'oreilles.
    var] A coup de langue, écu d'oreille.
    var] A coup de langue, escu d'oreille.
  • A coup fait, il n'y a pas de remède.
  • A coup sûr.
  • A couper au couteau.
  • A couper le souffle.
  • A coups de trique argot,.
  • A cour de roi,
    Chacun pour soi.
  • A courageous foe is better than a cowardly friend.
  • A courageux et magnanine, fortune n'approche ni s'avoisine.
  • A course of action.
  • A court de ...
  • A courte chausse, longue lanière.
    var] A courtes chausses, longues lanières.
  • A courtesy much entreated is half recompensed.
  • A courtier is a slave with a chain of gold.
  • A courtier should be without feeling and without honour.
  • A courtyard common to all will be swept by none.
  • A couve requentada e a mulher a casa tornada jamais serão bons.
  • A couvert.
  • A couvoytise, rien ne suffist.
  • A cover adress.
  • A coveteous abbot for one offering loses a hundred.
  • A covetous man does nothing that he should, till he dies.
  • A covetous man is good to none and worst to himself.
  • A covetous man is like a dog in a wheel, that roasts meat for others.
  • A covetous man makes a halfpenny of a farthing, and a liberal man makes sixpence of it.
  • A covetous woman deserves a swindling gallant.
  • A cow (or a cripple) may catch a hare.
  • A cow does not know what her tail is worth until she has lost it.
  • A cow from afar gives plenty of milk.
  • A cow in a clout
    is soon out.
  • A cow in a parlour does best when it makes for the door.
  • A cow is not ashamed because it cannot fly.
  • A cow is not called dappled unless she has a spot.
  • A cow that moos too often is not a dairy cow.
  • A cow-year, a sad year; a bull-year, a glad year.
  • A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once.
  • A coward dies a thousand times before his death.
  • A coward dies a thousand times before his death. The valiant never taste of death but once.
  • A coward often deals a mortal blow to the brave.
  • A coward's fear can make a coward valiant.
    Owen Feltham, Resolves: Of Cowardice (1623)
  • A coward's fear may make a coward valiant.
  • A crack driver.
  • A cracked bell can never sound well.
  • A cracked bell should not be rung.
  • A cracked bell will never be sound.
  • A cracked bell
    Can never sound well.
  • A cracked plate will last as long as a sound one.
  • A cracked pot never fell off the hook.
  • A crafty fellow never has any peace.
  • A crafty knave needs no broker.
  • A crashing bore.
  • A crazy vessel never falls from the hand.
  • A creaking cart goes long on the wheels.
    var] A creaking door hangs long on its hinges.
    var] A creaking door hangs longest.
    var] A creaking gate hangs long on ist hinges.
    var] A creaking gate hangs longest.
  • A creaking door hangs long on its hinges.
  • A creaking gate hangs long.
  • A creanza di bocca, assai vale è pocu costa.
  • A credere al compagno vai bel bello.
  • A credit to someone or something.
  • A crédit.
  • A credulidade dos tolos é o patrimônio dos velhacos.
  • A creeping Jesus colloqial, derogatory.
  • A creer se va a la iglesia.
  • A creique y penseque los ahorcaron en Madrid.
  • A crença nos médicos, que falta nos sãos, sobeja nos doentes.
  • A Cresole - non v' è nè pan nè fregole (= briccioli).
  • A criação e disciplina fazem costume.
  • A criado novo, pão e ovo; depois de velho, pau e demo.
  • A cripple in the right road is better than a racer in the wrong.
  • A Cristo prendieron en el huerto, porque ahi se quedo quieto.
  • A crooked log makes a good fire.
  • A crooked log makes a straight fire.
  • A crooked log makes a strait fire.
  • A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow.
  • A crooked tree will have a crooked shadow.
  • A cross on his breast, and the devil in his heart.
  • A cross-grained person.
  • A cross-grained woman and a snappish dog take care of the house.
  • A crow is never the whiter for often washing.
    var] A crow is never the whiter for washing herself often.
  • A crow sits next to a crow.
  • A crow will not peck out a crow's eyes.
  • A crowd is not company.
  • A crowd will help you down.
  • A crown in pocket doth you more credit than an angel spent.
  • A crown is no cure for a headache.
  • A crown is no cure for the headache.
  • A Croydon Coranto.
  • A cru.
  • A cruce salus
    en] Salvation [comes] from the cross.
    nl] Van het kruis (van Christus) komt de redding.
  • A cruz na boca e o diabo no coração.
  • A cruz nos peitos e o diabo nos feitos.
  • A cry baby.
  • A crying shame.
  • A cuaddu bonu no ddi manca sedda.
  • A cuadrúpedo donado no le periscopées el incisivo.
  • A cual peor, como los Cristos de Borox.
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