• Awaken the sleep, protect the weak, and guide the strong.
  • Awards are merely the badges of mediocrity.
  • Awareness about lack of knowledge is the most useful knowledge.
  • Away from home the girl picks forbidden fruit.
  • Away from the battle all are soldiers.
    de] Weit vom Streite macht alte Kriegsleute.
  • Away from the eye, away from the mind.
  • Away goes the devil if he finds the door shut against him.
  • Away goes the devil when he finds the door shut against him.
  • Away on leave.
    de] Auf Urlaub.
  • Away with grieving, only fit for women.
  • Away with such jokes; there is no joking where there is malignity.
  • Away with thee, sickness, to where they make a good pillow for thee.
    es] Allß vayas, mal, adˇ te pongan buen cabešal.
  • Away with you, be a pedlar, a knave, says the hangman to his man.
    de] 'Gehe hin, werd ein Krńmer, ein Schalk,' sagt der Henker zu seinem Knecht.
  • Away with you.
    de] Ach wo.
  • Away you go.
    de] Mach dass du wegkommst.
  • Away, and mock the time with fairest show.
  • Awesome.
    de] gro▀artig; fantastisch; irre; stark; toll.
  • Awfully funny.
    de] schrecklich komisch.
  • Awkward customer.
    de] schwieriger Kunde; Plage.
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