• A table comme en amour, changement donne saveur.
  • A table friend is changeable.
    fr] Ami de table est variable.
  • A table is not blessed if it has fed no scholars.
  • A table nul ne dort, chacun y est bien accort.
  • A table, au feu, au lit, celui qui lit peu profite.
  • A tablet a day and what I could do with my day was limitless.
  • A tactical retreat is not a bad response to a surprise assault, you know. First you survive. Then you choose your own ground. Then you counterattack.
  • A tailless dog cannot express his joy.
  • A taking hand will never want, let the world be e'er sae scant.
  • A tal ofensa, tal sentença.
  • A tal pergunta, tal resposta.
  • A tal porta, tal talho.
  • A tal signore, tale onore.
  • A tal trabalho, tal salário.
  • A tale never loses (o. tines) in the telling.
  • A tale piede, tale scarpa.
  • A tale santo, tale offerta.
  • A tale twice told is cabbage twice (s)old.
  • A talent shines bright till he remains away from the limelight, because under the spotlight the glare of bulb and tube light dims his light.
  • A talent somewhat above mediocrity, shrewd and not too sensitive, is more likely to rise in the world than genius.
  • A talhada é para quem a come.
  • A talhada no garfo dos outros parece melhor.
  • A talkative bird will not build a nest.
  • A talkative person is a traveller when he is tired, he keeps quiet.
  • A tall man is a fool.
  • A tant de métiers, à tant de besaces.
  • A tanto figlio, scienza, grado, o buon consiglio.
  • A tapster is a good trade: an old cloak makes a new jerkin, a witherd serving-man a fresh tapster.
  • A tard crie l'oiseau quand il est pris.
  • A tard on ferme l'étable quant le cheval est perdu.
  • A tard se repent le rat quand par le col le tient le chat.
  • A tardança arrecada o bem dobrado.
  • A tardança em toda coisa é nojosa.
  • A tardigradis asinis ad equos.
  • A tardigradis asinis equus prodiit.
  • A tarrowing bairn was never fat.
  • A tart temper never mellows with age, and a sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use.
  • A taste for dirty stories may be said to be inherent in the human animal.
  • A taste for irony has kept more hearts from breaking than a sense of humor, for it takes irony to appreciate the joke which is on oneself.
  • A taste for simplicity cannot endure for long.
  • A tâtons.
    en] Groping.
  • A tattler is worse than a thief.
  • A taught horse, and a woman to teach, and teachers practising what they preach.
  • A tavola e a tavolino si giudica il contadino
  • A tavola e a tavolino si vede il signorino
  • A tavola non s'invecchia.
    de] Bei Tisch wird man nicht alt.
  • A tavola non vi vuol vergogna.
  • A tavola perdonerei chiunque. Anche i miei parenti.
    Oscar Wilde
  • A tavola ronda non si contende del luoco.
  • A tavola si và a scuola.
  • A tavola tonda, non si contende del luoco.
  • A tavula ci voli facci di monicu.
  • A te pro te.
    en] from thee for thee.
  • A te quaeratur medium, nimium fugiatur.
  • A te sudor abest, saliva mucusque.
  • A teacher affects eternity he can never tell, where his influence stops.
  • A teacher as to the manner born.
    de] Ein geborener Lehrer.
  • A teacher is better than two books.
  • A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.
  • A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron.
  • A team effort is a lot of people doing what I say.
  • A tear bedews my Delia's eye,
    From morn till dewy eve;
    But if you ask the reason why,
    She can't tell, I believe.
  • A tear dries quickly, especially when it is shed for the troubles of others.
  • A technical objection is the first refuge of a scoundrel.
  • A technique succeeds in mathematical physics, not by a clever trick, or a happy accident, but because it expresses some aspect of a physical truth.
  • A teem purse makes a bleat merchant.
  • A teia de aranha solta o rato, e a mosca apanha.
  • A teia no tear, o galo a cantar, a chaminé a fumegar, deixa o cão a ladrar.
  • A teimosia é a força de vontade do chato.
  • A teiten beweint men sieben tog, a nar dem ganzen leben.
  • A tel couteau, telle gaine.
  • A tel marchant, telle aventure.
  • A tel pot, telle cuiller.
  • A tel saint, telle offrande, à tel maître tel varlet, tel cy tel my.
  • A tel saint, telle offrande.
  • A tel seigneur, tel honneur.
  • A tel seigneur, telle mesgnie.
  • A tela ordita, Dio manda il filo.
  • À tela urdida Deus manda o fio.
  • À telle dame, telle chambrière.
  • A telle forme, tel soulier.
  • A telle saint, telle offrande.
  • A telz seigneurs, telz honneurs.
  • A temerario iudice praeceps sententia.
    Seybold p. 42
    de] Wer einen großen Sprung tun will, der muss zuvor hinter sich gehen.
  • A temperança é a mãe da saúde.
  • A temperança forçada da pobreza a salva de muitos males a que o epicurismo da riqueza está sujeito.
  • A temperança na fruição lhe prolonga a duração.
  • A tempo di guerra con le bugie non si governa.
  • A tempo e luoco, è il vile talhor' ardito.
  • A tempo o ferro é mezinha.
  • A tempo.
  • A tenda é para os tendeiros.
  • A tenda quer-se com quem a entenda.
  • A tender mother breeds a scabby daughter.
  • A tender-hearted mother makes a scabby daughter.
    fr] Mère piteuse fait sa fille rogneuse.
    it] La madre pietosa fa la figliuola tignosa.
  • A teneris (annis).
  • A teneris assuescere multum est.
  • A teneris consuescere multum est.
    pt] De pequenino se torce o pepino.
  • A teneris crimen condiscitur annis.
  • A teneris unguiculis rem accepi hanc.
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