Cadman, Charles Wakefield
* 24. Dez. 1881 in Johnstown / Pa.
† 30. Dez. 1946 on Los Angeles


  • Shanewis or The Robin Woman (R. La Flesche and Nelle Richmond Eberhardt, based on the life of Tsianina Redfeather), Oper 1 Akt (23. März 1918 New York. MET)

    Mrs. J. Asher Everton, a prominent California Club Woman (Contralto)
    Amy Everton, her daughter (Soprano)
    Shanewis, an educated Indian singer; Mrs. Everton's protegée (Mezzo-Soprano)
    Lionel Rhodes, a wealthy young architect; Amy's fiancé (Tenor)
    Philip Harjo,a young Indian; foster brother to Shanewis (Baritone)
    California Society people; Oklahoma Indians, half-breeds and whites.
    Part One: Southern California, Part Two: An Oklahoma Indian Reservation The present [i.e: 1918].

    For added spectacular effect, the musicale in Part One may be given in costume, the characters representing the various phasesof America in the making. The following are suggestions:
    Mrs. Everton - Queen Isabella of Spain.
    Amy Everton - Evangeline.
    Lionel Rhodes - John Alden.
    Shanewis - Pocahontas.

    CHORUS. Sir Francis Drake. Marquis de LaFayette. Hernando de Cortez. Thaddeus Kosciuszko. Leif Ericcson. John Paul Jones. Robert Fulton. George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Susan B. Anthony. Anne Hutchinson. Betsy Ross. Martha Washington. Rip van Winkle. Salem Witches. Cavaliers. Quakers. Franciscan Monks. Norsemen. Cow Boys. Creoles.

  • The Sunset Trail (G. Moyle), operatic cantata (1922 Denver)
  • The Garden of Mystery (R. La Flesche and Nelle Richmond Eberhardt, nach Nathaniel Hawthorne Rappaccini's Daughter), Oper 1 Akt (20. März 1925 New York)
  • A Witch of Salem (Nellie Richmond Eberhardt), Oper 3 Akte (8. Dez. 1926 Chicago)

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