absento, āre (absens),
I) v. tr. abwesend machen, d.i. fortsenden, entfernen, Spät. –
II) v. intr. abwesend sein, Spät.: absentans, abwesend, Spät.

[Georges 1913]

absento, āre, 1, v. a. and n. [absens].

I. Act., to cause one to be absent, i. e. to send away: patriis procul absentaverit astris, Claud. Pros. 3, 213 (others read amandaverit, or patriisque procul mandaverit), Cod. Th. 12, 1, 48.
II. Neutr., to be absent: absentans Ulixes, Sid. 9, 13 fin.


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