Aciris, Acis → Akiris

[Pauly 1893]

1. Ācis, ĭdis, m., = Ἆκις,
I. a river in Sicily, which rises in Mount Aetna, and falls into the sea; now Fiume di Taci, Ov. F. 4, 468; Sil. 14, 221; Claud. Rapt. Pros. 3, 332 al.
II. A river-god, acc. to the myth, son of Faunus, beloved by Galatea on account of his beauty, Ov. M. 13, 750 sq.

2. Acis, ĭdis, f., one of the Cyclades, i. q. Siphnus, Plin. 4, § 66.


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