Dante Alighieri - La Divina Commedia

Henry W. Longfellow - The Divine Comedy


Hell - Canto 01
I. The Dark Forest. The Hill of Difficulty. The Panther, the Lion, and the Wolf. Virgil.

Hell - Canto 02
II. The Descent. Dante's Protest and Virgil's Appeal. The Intercession of the Three Ladies Benedight.

Hell - Canto 03
III. The Gate of Hell. The Inefficient or Indifferent. Pope Celestine V. The Shores of Acheron. Charon. The Earthquake and the Swoon.

Hell - Canto 04
IV. The First Circle, Limbo: Virtuous Pagans and the Unbaptized. The Four Poets, Homer, Horace, Ovid, and Lucan. The Noble Castle of Philosophy.

Hell - Canto 05
V. The Second Circle: The Wanton. Minos. The Infernal Hurricane. Francesca da Rimini.

Hell - Canto 06
VI. The Third Circle: The Gluttonous. Cerberus. The Eternal Rain. Ciacco. Florence.

Hell - Canto 07
VII. The Fourth Circle: The Avaricious and the Prodigal. Plutus. Fortune and her Wheel. The Fifth Circle: The Irascible and the Sullen. Styx.

Hell - Canto 08
VIII. Phlegyas. Philippo Argenti. The Gate of the City of Dis.

Hell - Canto 09
IX. The Furies and Medusa. The Angel. The City of Dis. The Sixth Circle: Heresiarchs.

Hell - Canto 10
X. Farinata and Cavalcante de' Cavalcanti. Discourse on the Knowledge of the Damned.

Hell - Canto 11
XI. The Broken Rocks. Pope Anastasius. General Description of the Inferno and its Divisions.

Hell - Canto 12
XII. The Minotaur. The Seventh Circle: The Violent. The River Phlegethon. The Violent against their Neighbours. The Centaurs. Tyrants.

Hell - Canto 13
XIII. The Wood of Thorns. The Harpies. The Violent against themselves. Suicides. Pier della Vigna. Lano and Jacopo da Sant' Andrea.

Hell - Canto 14
XIV. The Sand Waste and the Rain of Fire. The Violent against God. Capaneus. The Statue of Time, and the Four Infernal Rivers.

Hell - Canto 15
XV. The Violent against Nature. Brunetto Latini.

Hell - Canto 16
XVI. Guidoguerra, Aldobrandi, and Rusticucci. Cataract of the River of Blood.

Hell - Canto 17
XVII. Geryon. The Violent against Art. Usurers. Descent into the Abyss of Malebolge.

Hell - Canto 18
XVIII. The Eighth Circle, Malebolge: The Fraudulent and the Malicious. The First Bolgia: Seducers and Panders. Venedico Caccianimico. Jason. The Second Bolgia: Flatterers. Allessio Interminelli. Thais.

Hell - Canto 19
XIX. The Third Bolgia: Simoniacs. Pope Nicholas III. Dante's Reproof of corrupt Prelates.

Hell - Canto 20
XX. The Fourth Bolgia: Soothsayers. Amphiaraus, Tiresias, Aruns, Manto, Eryphylus, Michael Scott, Guido Bonatti, and Asdente. Virgil reproaches Dante's Pity. Mantua's Foundation.

Hell - Canto 21
XXI. The Fifth Bolgia: Peculators. The Elder of Santa Zita. Malacoda and other Devils.

Hell - Canto 22
XXII. Ciampolo, Friar Gomita, and Michael Zanche. The Malabranche quarrel.

Hell - Canto 23
XXIII. Escape from the Malabranche. The Sixth Bolgia: Hypocrites. Catalano and Loderingo. Caiaphas.

Hell - Canto 24
XXIV. The Seventh Bolgia: Thieves. Vanni Fucci. Serpents.

Hell - Canto 25
XXV. Vanni Fucci's Punishment. Agnello Brunelleschi, Buoso degli Abati, Puccio Sciancato, Cianfa de' Donati, and Guercio Cavalcanti.

Hell - Canto 26
XXVI. The Eighth Bolgia: Evil Counsellors. Ulysses and Diomed. Ulysses' Last Voyage.

Hell - Canto 27
XXVII. Guido da Montefeltro. His deception by Pope Boniface VIII.

Hell - Canto 28
XXVIII. The Ninth Bolgia: Schismatics. Mahomet and Ali. Pier da Medicina, Curio, Mosca, and Bertrand de Born.

Hell - Canto 29
XXIX. Geri del Bello. The Tenth Bolgia: Alchemists. Griffolino d' Arezzo and Capocchino.

Hell - Canto 30
XXX. Other Falsifiers or Forgers. Gianni Schicchi, Myrrha, Adam of Brescia, Potiphar's Wife, and Sinon of Troy.

Hell - Canto 31
XXXI. The Giants, Nimrod, Ephialtes, and Antaeus. Descent to Cocytus

Hell - Canto 32
XXXII. The Ninth Circle: Traitors. The Frozen Lake of Cocytus. First Division, Caina: Traitors to their Kindred. Camicion de' Pazzi. Second Division, Antenora: Traitors to their Country. Dante questions Bocca degli Abati. Buoso da Duera.

Hell - Canto 33
XXXIII. Count Ugolino and the Archbishop Ruggieri. The Death of Count Ugolino's Sons. Third Division of the Ninth Circle, Ptolomaea: Traitors to their Friends. Friar Alberigo, Branco d' Oria.

Hell - Canto 34
XXXIV. Fourth Division of the Ninth Circle, the Judecca: Traitors to their Lords and Benefactors. Lucifer, Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius. The Chasm of Lethe. The Ascent.

Das Fegefeuer

Purgatory - Canto 01
I. The Shores of Purgatory. The Four Stars. Cato of Utica. The Rush.

Purgatory - Canto 02
II. The Celestial Pilot. Casella. The Departure.

Purgatory - Canto 03
III. Discourse on the Limits of Reason. The Foot of the Mountain. Those who died in Contumacy of Holy Church. Manfredi.

Purgatory - Canto 04
IV. Farther Ascent. Nature of the Mountain. The Negligent, who postponed Repentance till the last Hour. Belacqua.

Purgatory - Canto 05
V. Those who died by Violence, but repentant. Buonconte di Monfeltro. La Pia.

Purgatory - Canto 06
VI. Dante's Inquiry on Prayers for the Dead. Sordello. Italy.

Purgatory - Canto 07
VII. The Valley of Flowers. Negligent Princes.

Purgatory - Canto 08
VIII. The Guardian Angels and the Serpent. Nino di Gallura. The Three Stars. Currado Malaspina.

Purgatory - Canto 09
IX. Dante's Dream of the Eagle. The Gate of Purgatory and the Angel. Seven P's. The Keys.

Purgatory - Canto 10
X. The Needle's Eye. The First Circle: The Proud. The Sculptures on the Wall.

Purgatory - Canto 11
XI. The Humble Prayer. Omberto di Santafiore. Oderisi d' Agobbio. Provenzan Salvani.

Purgatory - Canto 12
XII. The Sculptures on the Pavement. Ascent to the Second Circle.

Purgatory - Canto 13
XIII. The Second Circle: The Envious. Sapia of Siena.

Purgatory - Canto 14
XIV. Guido del Duca and Renier da Calboli. Cities of the Arno Valley. Denunciation of Stubbornness.

Purgatory - Canto 15
XV. The Third Circle: The Irascible. Dante's Visions. The Smoke.

Purgatory - Canto 16
XVI. Marco Lombardo. Lament over the State of the World.

Purgatory - Canto 17
XVII. Dante's Dream of Anger. The Fourth Circle: The Slothful. Virgil's Discourse of Love.

Purgatory - Canto 18
XVIII. Virgil further discourses of Love and Free Will. The Abbot of San Zeno.

Purgatory - Canto 19
XIX. Dante's Dream of the Siren. The Fifth Circle: The Avaricious and Prodigal. Pope Adrian V.

Purgatory - Canto 20
XX. Hugh Capet. Corruption of the French Crown. Prophecy of the Abduction of Pope Boniface VIII and the Sacrilege of Philip the Fair. The Earthquake.

Purgatory - Canto 21
XXI. The Poet Statius. Praise of Virgil.

Purgatory - Canto 22
XXII. Statius' Denunciation of Avarice. The Sixth Circle: The Gluttonous. The Mystic Tree.

Purgatory - Canto 23
XXIII. Forese. Reproof of immodest Florentine Women.

Purgatory - Canto 24
XXIV. Buonagiunta da Lucca. Pope Martin IV, and others. Inquiry into the State of Poetry.

Purgatory - Canto 25
XXV. Discourse of Statius on Generation. The Seventh Circle: The Wanton.

Purgatory - Canto 26
XXVI. Sodomites. Guido Guinicelli and Arnaldo Daniello.

Purgatory - Canto 27
XXVII. The Wall of Fire and the Angel of God. Dante's Sleep upon the Stairway, and his Dream of Leah and Rachel. Arrival at the Terrestrial Paradise.

Purgatory - Canto 28
XXVIII. The River Lethe. Matilda. The Nature of the Terrestrial Paradise.

Purgatory - Canto 29
XXIX. The Triumph of the Church.

Purgatory - Canto 30
XXX. Virgil's Departure. Beatrice. Dante's Shame.

Purgatory - Canto 31
XXXI. Reproaches of Beatrice and Confession of Dante. The Passage of Lethe. The Seven Virtues. The Griffon.

Purgatory - Canto 32
XXXII. The Tree of Knowledge. Allegory of the Chariot.

Purgatory - Canto 33
XXXIII. Lament over the State of the Church. Final Reproaches of Beatrice. The River Eunoe.


Paradise - Canto 01
I. The Ascent to the First Heaven. The Sphere of Fire.

Paradise - Canto 02
II. The First Heaven, the Moon: Spirits who, having taken Sacred Vows, were forced to violate them. The Lunar Spots.

Paradise - Canto 03
III. Piccarda Donati and the Empress Constance.

Paradise - Canto 04
IV. Questionings of the Soul and of Broken Vows.

Paradise - Canto 05
V. Discourse of Beatrice on Vows and Compensations. Ascent to the Second Heaven, Mercury: Spirits who for the Love of Fame achieved great Deeds.

Paradise - Canto 06
VI. Justinian. The Roman Eagle. The Empire. Romeo.

Paradise - Canto 07
VII. Beatrice's Discourse of the Crucifixion, the Incarnation, the Immortality of the Soul, and the Resurrection of the Body.

Paradise - Canto 08
VIII. Ascent to the Third Heaven, Venus: Lovers. Charles Martel. Discourse on diverse Natures.

Paradise - Canto 09
IX. Cunizza da Romano, Folco of Marseilles, and Rahab. Neglect of the Holy Land.

Paradise - Canto 10
X. The Fourth Heaven, the Sun: Theologians and Fathers of the Church. The First Circle. St. Thomas of Aquinas.

Paradise - Canto 11
XI. St. Thomas recounts the Life of St. Francis. Lament over the State of the Dominican Order.

Paradise - Canto 12
XII. St. Buonaventura recounts the Life of St. Dominic. Lament over the State of the Franciscan Order. The Second Circle.

Paradise - Canto 13
XIII. Of the Wisdom of Solomon. St. Thomas reproaches Dante's Judgement.

Paradise - Canto 14
XIV. The Third Circle. Discourse on the Resurrection of the Flesh. The Fifth Heaven, Mars: Martyrs and Crusaders who died fighting for the true Faith. The Celestial Cross.

Paradise - Canto 15
XV. Cacciaguida. Florence in the Olden Time.

Paradise - Canto 16
XVI. Dante's Noble Ancestry. Cacciaguida's Discourse of the Great Florentines.

Paradise - Canto 17
XVII. Cacciaguida's Prophecy of Dante's Banishment.

Paradise - Canto 18
XVIII. The Sixth Heaven, Jupiter: Righteous Kings and Rulers. The Celestial Eagle. Dante's Invectives against ecclesiastical Avarice.

Paradise - Canto 19
XIX. The Eagle discourses of Salvation, Faith, and Virtue. Condemnation of the vile Kings of A.D. 1300.

Paradise - Canto 20
XX. The Eagle praises the Righteous Kings of old. Benevolence of the Divine Will.

Paradise - Canto 21
XXI. The Seventh Heaven, Saturn: The Contemplative. The Celestial Stairway. St. Peter Damiano. His Invectives against the Luxury of the Prelates

Paradise - Canto 22
XXII. St. Benedict. His Lamentation over the Corruption of Monks. The Eighth Heaven, the Fixed Stars.

Paradise - Canto 23
XXIII. The Triumph of Christ. The Virgin Mary. The Apostles. Gabriel.

Paradise - Canto 24
XXIV. The Radiant Wheel. St. Peter examines Dante on Faith.

Paradise - Canto 25
XXV. The Laurel Crown. St. James examines Dante on Hope. Dante's Blindness

Paradise - Canto 26
XXVI. St. John examines Dante on Charity. Dante's Sight. Adam.

Paradise - Canto 27
XXVII. St. Peter's reproof of bad Popes. The Ascent to the Ninth Heaven, the 'Primum Mobile.'

Paradise - Canto 28
XXVIII. God and the Angelic Hierarchies.

Paradise - Canto 29
XXIX. Beatrice's Discourse of the Creation of the Angels, and of the Fall of Lucifer. Her Reproof of Foolish and Avaricious Preachers.

Paradise - Canto 30
XXX. The Tenth Heaven, or Empyrean. The River of Light. The Two Courts of Heaven. The White Rose of Paradise. The great Throne.

Paradise - Canto 31
XXXI. The Glory of Paradise. Departure of Beatrice. St. Bernard.

Paradise - Canto 32
XXXII. St. Bernard points out the Saints in the White Rose.

Paradise - Canto 33
XXXIII. Prayer to the Virgin. The Threefold Circle of the Trinity. Mystery of the Divine and Human Nature.

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