Abingdon, 4. Earl of [Bertie, Willoughby]
* 16. Jan. 1740 in Gainsborough
† 26. Sept. 1799 in Rycote
Musikmäzen und Komponist


  • Six Songs & a Duet for Voice, Two Flutes, Two Violins, a Bass, Harpsichord, or Piano Forte, [1788]
  • A Representation of the Execution of Mary Queen of Scots in Seven Views, the Music Composed for and Adapted to Each View für Chor und Otchester, [1790]
  • The Effects of Gaming (Henry Carey), [1790]
  • The Political Rationalist, ohne Ort und Jahr
  • The State Test, or The Subversion of Parties (Henry Carey), [1790]
  • Mentre dormi. Duetto italiano mit Begleitung für 2 Flöten und Streicher (London 1798)
  • A Selection of Twelve Psalms and Hymns, Set to Music According to the Rules Laid >Down for the Church, [1793]
  • Twelve Sentimental Catches & Glees [...] The Accompaniments for the Harp or Piano Forte, by [...] Dr. Haydn, [1795]
  • Twenty-one Vocal Pieces for Several Voices with a Piano Forte Accompaniment. Selected from Various English Poets, 1797
  • Six of the Last Vocal Pieces Composed by the Late Willoughby [...], with a Pianoforte Acoompaniment by Th. Monzani, [1899]
  • The Glorious Armies. A Hymn to the Praise and Glory of God, the Words by Rowe, ohne Jahr
  • Einzelne Lieder, eine Hymne und ein Tanz separat veröffentlicht
  • 18 Sentimental Catches für 3 Stimmen
  • Instrumentalmusik

  • Twelve Country Dances and Three Capriccios for Two Flutes and a Bass, with Three Minuets for Two Flutes, Two Violins, Horns and Bass, [1787]
  • Nine Country Dances and Three Minuets for the Year 1789, ohne Jahr
  • The Union Country Dance, ohne Jahr

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