• A babe is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.
  • A bad beginning has a bad, or makes a worse, ending.
  • A bad bush is better than the open field.
  • A bad cause requires many words.
  • A bad child may not be thrown into the bush.
  • A bad day never hath a good night.
  • A bad dog never sees the wolf.
  • A bad egg.
  • A bad excuse is better than none.
  • A bad husband is better than an empty bed.
  • A bad Jack may have as bad a Jill.
  • A bad man is as much pleased as a good man is distressed to speak ill of others.
  • A bad man, though raised to honour, always returns to his natural course, as a dog?s tail, though warmed by the fire and rubbed with oil, retains its form.
  • A bad padlock invites a picklock.
  • A bad padlock invites picklock.
  • A bad peace is better than a good war.
    Yiddish] A shlekhter sholem iz beser vi a guter krig.
  • A bad peace is even worse than war. [Whitman]
  • A bad penny always comes back.
  • A bad penny always turns up.
    Yiddish] A falsheh matba'ieh farliert men nit.
  • A bad person is capable of doing anything bad (lit., what's in the cards).
    Yiddish] Vos in der kort.
  • A bad reaper blames the sickle.
  • A bad settlement is better than a good lawsuit.
  • A bad shift is better than none.
  • A bad thing is dear at any price.
  • A bad thing never dies.
  • A bad tree does not yield young apples.
  • A bad wife takes advice from every one but her own husband.
  • A bad woman is worse than a bad man.
  • A bad workman blames his tools
  • A bad workman blames his tools.

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