• Evadere possunt pusilla mala et verba dare, ingentibus obviam itur.
  • Even a poor man wants to live.
    jiddish] An oreman vil oich leben.
  • Even for bad luck one needs luck.
    jiddish] Tsum shlimazel muz men oich mazel hoben..
  • Even the best swimmer can drown.
    jiddish] Der grester shvimmer kon zikh trenken,
  • Even though a cow has a long tongue, it can?t recite a blessing.
    jiddish] A beheyme hot a lange tsung un ken keyn brokhe nit zogn.
  • Eventus damni.
  • Eventus docebit.
  • Eventus stultorum magister. (Livius 22,39,10)
    Erfolg ist der Lehrmeister der Dummen.
  • Eventus varios res nova semper habet.
  • Every day brings forth its own sorrows.
    jiddish] Yeder morgen brengt zikh zorgen.
  • Every heart has secrets.
    jiddish] Yedeh harts hot soides.
  • Every limb wants to speak but the tongue alone does the talking.
    jiddish] Ale glider viln redn un di tsung aleyn shtelt men aroys.
  • Every man has a madness of his own.
    jiddish] Itlecher mentsh hot zikh zein shigoyen.
  • Every man has his burden.
    jiddish] Yeder mentsh hot zein peckel.
  • Every man has his own idiosyncrasies.
    jiddish] Yeder mentsh hot zein aigeneh meshugass.
  • Every man is blind to his own faults.
    jiddish] Yeder mentsh iz oif zikh alain blind.
  • Every man knows he will die but no one wants to believe it.
    jiddish] Yeder mentsh vaist az er vet shtarben, ober kainer vil es nisht gloiben.
  • Every mother thinks her child is beautiful.
    jiddish] Yedeh mutter denkt ir kind iz shain.
  • Every one fears a goat from in front, a horse from the rear and a fool on every side.
    jiddish] Far a tsap hot men moireh fun forent, far a ferd fun hinten, far a nar fun alleh zeiten.
  • Every only daughter has her charms.
    jiddish] Itlecheh bas-yechideh hot zikh ir chaindel.
  • Every town has its fool.
    jiddish] Itlecheh shtot hot ir meshugenem.
  • Every way up has its way down.
    jiddish] Yeder barg-aroif hot zein barg-arop.
  • Every word in its place.
    jiddish] Yedes vort oyf zayn ort.
  • Everyone else has committed a crime (lit., a thief?s hat burns).
    jiddish] Afn gonif brennt das hittel.
  • Everyone knows where his shoe pinches.
    jiddish] Yeder vaist vu se drikt im der shuch.
  • Everything ends in weeping.
    jiddish] Altsding lozt zikh ois mit a gevain.
  • Everything is good but only in its time.
    jiddish] Alts iz gut nor in der tseit.
  • Everything revolves around bread and death.
    jiddish] Alts drait zikh arum broit un toit.
  • Evil tongues are silenced by the tinkle of coins in your pocket.
    jiddish] Es shtumeh di tsinger ven du host in kesheneh klinger.
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