• Brabbling currs never want fore ears.
  • Bracatae et Transalpinae nationes.
  • Braccia rubate all'agricoltura.
  • Braccino corto.
  • Bracejam e gesticulam muito as pessoas que menos sabem e podem explicar-se por palavras.
  • Brackish water is sweet in a drought.
    pt] Agoa salobra na terra secca he doce.
  • Bracteis aureis inaurat juglandium putamina.
  • Brada kaza jarca ne pako mudroznanca.
  • Bradar no deserto.
  • Brag is a good dog, but Holdfast is better.
  • Brag's a good dog, but that he hath lost his tail.
  • Bragia coperta.
  • Braies neuves ne vont pas avec vieux pourpoint.
  • Brain an apparatus with which we think we think.
  • Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.
  • Brain drain.
    de] Abwanderung von hochqualifizierten Arbeitskräften
  • Brain is always to be bought, but passion never comes to market.
  • Brain is better than brawn.
  • Brain is the only sword of the peaceable man and sword is the only brain of the violent man!
  • Brain teaser.
    de] Rätsel
  • Brain wash.
    de] Gehirnwäsche
  • Brain wave.
    de] Geistesblitz
  • Brain work.
    de] geistige Arbeit
  • Brainbox.
    de] Schlauberger
  • Brains are like sponges. If allowed to remain moist for too long they become moldy.
  • Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.
  • Brains, you know, are suspect in the Republican Party.
  • Braintree boys, brave boys,.
  • Brak und Bafel.
    i] Ausschuss und verlegene Ware.
  • Bramer misčre dans le grenier.
  • bramň colui che 'l morso in sé punio.
  • Branche le monde.
  • Branche verte femme jeune pain chaud trois choses qui ruinent l maison.
  • Branches may be trained; not the trunk.
  • Branco como a neve.
  • Branco é, galinha o pőe.
  • Branco em Janeiro, sinal de pouco dinheiro.
  • Branco ou preto, um porco é um porco.
  • Brancolare nel buio.
  • Bras a la poitrine, jambe en gésine.
  • Brás! Lava-te e comerás.
  • Brás, bem o diz e mal o faz.
  • Brás. Lava-te e comerás.
  • Brasa cruel acalenta no seio, quem se regozija com infortúnio alheio.
  • Brasa deita no seio, quem cria filho alheio.
    var] Brasa deita no seio, quem se honra com erro alheio.
  • Brasa en el seno
    Lo que cria hijo ajano.
  • Brasa traz no seio, quem cria filho alheio.
  • Brasidas quidem vir bonus, sed Lacedaemon multos habet praestantiores.
  • Brasileiro só fecha a porta depois de roubado.
  • Brass bands are all very well in their place - outdoors and several miles away.
  • Brass monkey weather.
    de] arschkalt
  • Brassia cum lardo populo cibus optimus extat.
  • Brassica vel regum pueros cum paupere nutrit.
  • Brát vítr z plachet.
  • Brauare a credenza.
  • Brava homo en sia domo.
  • Bravare a credenza.
  • Brave actions never want a trumpet.
  • Brave as lions in peace, timid as deer in war.
  • Brave femme dans une maison vaut plus que ferme et que cheptel.
  • Brave men are all vertebrates they have their softness on the surface and their toughness in the middle.
  • Brave men are brave from the very first.
  • Brave men breed no cowards.
  • Brave men have no need of walls.
  • Brave men lived before Agamemnon.
  • Brave, peau tailladée; lâche, peau indemne.
  • Bravery knows no yielding to calamity.
  • Bravery never goes out of fashion.
  • Bravery's countenance has a share in the victory.
  • Brázda hluboká, sláma vysoká.
  • Brazen-faced.
    de] unverschämt
  • Breach of faith.
    de] Treuebruch
  • Bread and butter.
    de] Brotverdienst; Basisgeschäft; Hauptgeschäft
  • Bread and cheese is gude to eat when folk can get nae ither meat.
  • Bread and games.
  • Bread and milk is bairns' meat: I wish them sorrow that be it.
  • Bread at pleasure,
    Drink by measure.
  • Bread in one hand, a stone in the other.
    de] In der einen Hand Brot, in der anderen einen Stein.
  • Bread is better than the song of birds.
    dk] Bedre er Bröd end Fuglesang.
  • Bread is the staff of life.
    Jonathan Swift, Tale of a Tub
    fr] Le pain est le soutien de la vie.
    fr] Il faut du pain pour vivre.
  • Bread never falls but on its buttered side.
  • Bread with eyes, and cheese without eyes.
  • Bread's house skail'd never.
  • Bread.
    de] Kohle; Kies; Geld
  • Breadbasket.
    de] Bauch
  • Break a leg.
    de] Hals und Beinbruch.
  • Break and enter.
    de] Einbruch
  • Break it up.
    de] Auseinander.
  • Break my head and syne draw on my how.
  • Break one link and the whole chain falls apart.
  • Break the leg of a bad habit.
  • Break this mountain to fill that valley
  • Break your own head! (lit., bang your head on the wall).
    jiddish] Shlog zikh kop in vant.
  • Breakdown.
    de] Panne; Störfall; Zusammenbruch
  • Breaking down a closed door is quicker than waiting for someone to answer it.
  • Breaking from the herd is better than getting lost in it.
  • Breaking his oath and resolution, like
    A twist of rotten silk.
    William Shakespeare, Coriolanus
    (Aufidius at V, vi)
  • Breaking news of the dead in the right way is very important.
  • Breaks loose like a grandma's tooth.
  • Breakup.
    de] Trennung
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