• Ba laiten a mazl!
  • Babe in arms.
    de] Sugling
  • Babe in the woods.
    de] unerfahrene, naive Person
  • Babi narod chytry.
  • Bab zahrdka dlouho netrv.
  • Baby boomer.
    de] Angehriger geburtenstarker Jahrgnge
  • Baby gravy.
    de] Sperma
  • Babylonis opes.
    Die Reichtmer Babylons.
  • Babyspeck
    en] puppy-fat
  • Bacalhau quer alho.
  • Baccae egent oleo.
  • Baccalaurei in Artibus.
  • Baccalaurei in Scientiis.
  • Baccalaureus artium.
    de] Bakkalaureus der freien Knste.
  • Baccalaureus Medicinae (BM).
  • Baccho temulentior.
  • Bacchus a noy plus de gens que Neptune.
  • Bacchus der Vater, Venus die Mutter, Ire (Zorn) die Hebamm' erzeugen das Podagram (= Fugicht).
    i] Wenn auch nicht jeder der Trunkenheit und Wollust ergebene Mensch, der noch berdies bei jedem Anlass dem Zorn die Zgel schieen lsst, podagrisch wird, so wird doch in der Regel dadurch der Grund zu einem siechen Leben gelegt.
    dk] Til Podagra er Bacchus fader venus moder, orede amme eller foster moder.
    fr] La goutte vient de la feuillette ou de la fillette.
    la] Nascitur ex Venere et Baccho, solventibus artis, filia, quae membra podagra virum.
  • Bacchus et afflictis requiem mortalibus affert.
  • Bacchus et argentum mutant mores sapientum.
  • Bacchus Germanos vexat, sed foemina Gallos, dic mihi, quid gravius vulva vel urna nocet.
  • Bacchus has drowned more men than Neptund gluttony and drunkenness destroy more than the swore.
  • Bacchus has drowned more men, than Neptune.
    fr] Le vin a noy plus de gens que l'eau.
  • Bacchus, ever fair and ever young.
  • Bacco, tabacco e Venere mandano il danaro in cenere.
    var] Bacco, Tabacco e Venere riducono l'uomo in cenere.
  • Bachelor, a peacock; betrothed, a lion; married, an ass.
    es] Soltero, pavon; desposado, leon; casado, asno.
  • Bachelors fare: bread and cheese and kisses.
  • Bachelors grin, but married men laugh till their hearts ache.
  • Bachelors know more about women than married men if they didn't they'd be married too.
  • Bachelors want to get married, while married men regret that they did.
  • Bachelors wives and auld maids' bairns are aye weel bred.
    var] Bachelors wives and maids' children are always well taught.
  • Bachelors, before you marry,
    Have a house wherein to tarry.
  • Bachus quam ciatus siccus prestat tenuatus.
  • Baciamo le mani.
  • Baciarsi i gomiti.
  • Bacio di bocca spesso cuor non tocca.
  • Back and forth.
    de] auf und ab; hin und her; vor und zurck
  • Back auf aufwrmen, whrend das Feuer brennt.
  • Back may trust but belly won't.
  • Back me or sack me.
    de] Halte mich oder lass mich fallen.
  • Back mi en Ei, wenn 'k dout sin (bin).
  • Back of every noble life there are principles that have fashioned it.
  • Back of ninety-nine out of one-hundred assertions that a thing cannot be done is nothing, but the unwillingness to do it.
  • Back off.
    de] Hau ab.
  • Back to basics.
    de] zurck zu den Wurzeln
  • Back to front.
    de] verkehrt herum
  • Back to the grind.
    de] zurck an die Arbeit
  • Back to their quiet graves below.
  • Back to their springs, like the rain shall fill them full of refreshment;
  • Backroom boy.
    de] Experte im Hintergrund
  • Backside.
    de] der Hintern
  • Backward and forward.
    de] vor und zurck
  • Backward ran sentences until reeled the mind.
  • Bacon sarnie.
    de] Pakistani
  • Bcoro a (o. de) meias no meu.
  • Bcoro em celeiro no quer parceiro.
  • Bcoro fiado, bom inverno, e mo vera.
  • Baculatoria argumenta.
    var] Baculinum argumentum.
  • Baculo vni duos inviti.
  • Baculus arundineus.
  • Bad and good are intertwined like rope.
  • Bad beginnings lead to bad results.
    var] Bad beginnings make worse endings.
    var] Bad beginnings, bad endings.
  • Bad bird, bad egg.
    de] Bser Vgel, bses Ei.
  • Bad blood.
    de] bses Blut; Groll; Meinungsverschiedenheiten
  • Bad breath is better than no breath at all.
  • Bad chicken, bad egg.
  • Bad company, muttered the thief, as he stepped to the gallows between the hangman and a monk.
  • Bad company, said the thief, as he went to the gallows between the hangman and a monk.
    nl] Kwaad gezelschap zei de dief, en hij ging tusschen den beul en eenen monnik naar de galg.
  • Bad egg, bad chick.
    nl] Kwaad ei, kwaad kuiken.
  • Bad egg.
    de] faules Ei; schlechter Kerl
  • Bad excuses are worse than none.
  • Bad eyes never see any good.
    de] Bse Augen sehen nie nichts Gutes.
  • Bad faith.
  • Bad fortune follows the poor man.
    jiddish] Noch dem oreman shlept zikh der shlimazel.
  • Bad fortune, where goest thou? To the poor man!
    jiddish] Shlimazel, vohin gaist du? Tsum oreman!
  • Bad fortune.
    de] Unglck
  • Bad fowl, bad egg.
  • Bad friends will prevent you from having good friends.
  • Bad grass does not make good hay.
    it] Di mal erba non si f buon fieno.
  • Bad guys are everywhere, just avoid their traps
  • Bad habit.
    de] schlechte Gewohnheit; Unsitte
  • Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.
  • Bad hair day.
    de] Tag, an dem alles schiefgeht
  • Bad hat.
    de] bler Bursche
  • Bad head, bad heart.
  • Bad hen, bad egg.
  • Bad is always afraid of good and that is the reason why bad tries to eliminate good!
  • Bad is by its very nature negative, and can do nothing; whatsoever enables us to do anything, is by its very nature good.
  • Bad is called good when worse happens.
    var] Bad is never good until worse happens.
    dk] Ondt bliver aldrig godt fr halv vaerre kommer.
  • Bad is the best (choice).
  • Bad is the sack that will not bear patching.
    it] Cattivo quel sacco che non si pu rappezzare.
  • Bad is the wool that cannot be died.
    it] Cattiva quella lana che non si pu tingere.
  • Bad is want which is born of plenty.
  • Bad law is (o. laws are) the worst sort of tyranny.
  • Bad leaders are elected by poor citizens who do not vote.
  • Bad legs and ill wives should stay at hame.
  • Bad line.
    de] schlechte Verbindung (Telefon)
  • Bad lot.
    de] verkommenes Subjekt; bler Kunde
  • Bad luck comes in threes (also it never rains but it pours).
  • Bad luck for one man is good luck for another.
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