• At (one's) pleasure
    de] nach Belieben.
  • At (the) dead of night
    de] mitten in der Nacht.
  • At 18 our convictions are hills from which we look; At 45 they are caves in which we hide.
  • At 20 a man is a peacock, at 30 a lion, at 40 a camel, at 50 a serpent, at 60 a dog, at 70 an ape, and at 80 nothing.
  • At 20 years of age the will reigns, at 30 the wit, at 40 the judgment.
  • At a bridge, a plank, a river, the servant foremost, the master behind.
    fr] Valet devant, maître derrière, en pont, en planche, en rivière.
  • At a certain age some people's minds close up they live on their intellectual fat.
  • At a crawl.
    de] Im Schneckentempo.
  • At a dangerous passage yield precedence.
    it] A mal passo l'onore.
  • At a definite time.
    de] Zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt.
  • At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely.
  • At a distance you fool others, close at hand just yourself.
    jiddish] Fun vaytn nart men laytn, fun neont zikh aleyn.
  • At a fair clip.
    de] Mit einem Affenzahn.
  • At a fair old bat.
    de] Mit ganz schönem Zahn drauf.
  • At a given time.
    de] Zu einem festgelegten Zeitpunkt.
  • At a glance.
    de] Auf einen Blick.
  • At a good bargain pause and ponder.
    it] A buona derrata pensaci su.
  • At a good pace.
    de] In zügigem Tempo.
  • At a great bargain make a (great) pause.
    var] At a great bargain, pause.
  • At a great pennyworth pause awhile.
  • At a great river be the last to pass.
    it] A gran ruscello passate l'ultimo.
  • At a hunting expedition you cannot apportion the meat before you kill the animal.
  • At a little fountain one drinks at one's ease.
    fr] A petite fontaine boit-on à son aise.
  • At a low ebb.
    de] Heruntergekommen.
  • At a moment's notice.
    de] jeden Augenblick; von einem Moment auf den anderen.
  • At a particular time.
    de] zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt.
  • At a pinch.
    de] Zur Not.
  • At a push.
    de] Notfalls.
  • At a round table there's no dispute of (o. about the) place.
  • At a single/at one blow.
    de] mit einem Schlag.
  • At a slapping pace.
    de] Hals über Kopf.
  • At a snail's pace.
    de] Im Schneckentempo.
  • At a time.
    de] Jeweils.
  • At a venture.
  • At a/one stroke.
    de] Mit einem Schlag.
  • At age 50, every man has the face he deserves.
  • At all costs.
    de] Um jeden Preis.
  • At all times it is better to have a method.
  • At all times.
    de] Immer; jederzeit.
  • At an ambuscade of villains a man does better with his feet than his hands.
    es] A celada de bellacos, mejor es el hombre por los pies que por los manos.
  • At an auction keep your mouth shut.
    es] En el almoneda tien la boca queda.
  • At an open chest the righteous sins.
    it] Ad arca aperta il giusto pecca.
  • At any cost/expense/price.
    de] Um jeden Preis.
  • At any given moment the choice to be happy is present - we just have to choose to be happy.
  • At any given point of time, you are exactly what you wanted to be.
  • At any one time.
    de] Jeweils; zu einem gegebenen Zeitpunkt.
  • At any rate, I am convinced that He [God] does not play dice.
  • At any rate.
    de] Auf jeden Fall.
  • At beginde, fare fort og fuldende hörer sammen.
  • At best, most college presidents are running something that is somewhere between a faltering corporation and a hotel.
  • At borrowing cousin german, at repaying son of a whore.
    fr] Au prêter cousin germain, au rendre fils de putain.
  • At breakneck speed.
    de] In einem Affenzahn.
  • At bygge paa sand (paa en klippe).
  • At caret insidiis hominum, quia mitis, hirundo.
  • At Christmas play and make good cheer, For Christmas comes but once a year.
  • At cock-crow.
    de] Beim ersten Hahnenschrei; in aller Herrgottsfrühe.
  • At court one hand will wash the other.
  • At court there are many hands, but few hearts.
    de] Zu Hof giebt man viel Händ', aber wenig Herzen.
  • At court they sell a good deal of smoke without fire.
    dk] Til Hove saelges megen Rög uden Ild.
  • At court, everyone for himself.
  • At death's door.
    de] An der Schwelle zum Grab.
  • At dinner my man appeares.
  • At Easter let your clothes be new,
    Or else be sure you will it rue.
  • At evening the sluggard is busy.
    de] Abends wird der Faule fleißig.
  • At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past.
  • At every dog's bark seem not to awake.
  • At every trifle scorn to take offence;
    That always shows great pride or little sense.
  • At every trifle take offense, that always shows great pride or little sense.
  • At face value.
    de] Für bare Münze.
  • At fault.
    de] In Verlegenheit; im Unrecht.
  • At first blush.
    de] Auf den ersten Blick.
  • At first cock-crow the ghosts must go.
  • At first dash/go.
    de] Auf Anhieb.
  • At first glance.
    de] Auf den ersten Blick.
  • At first sight or view of a case.
  • At first sight.
    de] Auf den ersten Blick.
  • At first/second hand.
    de] Aus erster/zweiter Hand.
  • At full length.
    de] Ausführlich; in allen Einzelheiten.
  • At full pelt.
    de] Volle Pulle.
  • At full speed.
    de] Mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit.
  • At gaae paa naale.
  • At genus immortale manet, multosque per annos stat fortuna domus.
  • At girls who wear glasses.
  • At great expense.
  • At Great Glen there are more great doge than honest men.
  • At great length.
    de] Sehr ausführlich.
  • At ground level.
    de] Am Boden.
  • At heart.
    de] Im Grunde genommen; im Innersten.
  • At high tide fish eat ants; at low tide ants eat fish.
  • At his peril does an inferior search for what a superior hides.
  • At home and abroad.
    de] Im In- und Ausland.
  • At home you always have to be a politician. When you're abroad you almost feel yourself a statesman.
  • At iäm gatt de Backen, so mäut iüm ock goan de Hacken.
  • At ingenium ingens
    Inculto latet hoc sub corpore.
  • At it again.
    de] Schon wieder.
  • At last all things come to be known.
  • At last the fox turns monk.
  • At last the foxes all meet at the furrier's.
    it] Tutte le volpi alla fine si riveggono in pellicceria.
  • At last the thing is come to pass.
  • At last the wolf's cub becomes a wolf.
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